Beacon Digital Group - Digital Audit

Beacon Digital Group begins each consulting engagement with an in-depth digital audit. We start our audit process by analyzing your overall web presence, your digital marketing array, and your approach to social media.

We dive into analytics and investigate your data to see if your current approach and resources are performing well or underperforming. Our audit culminates in a research document which is used to guide your digital presence for the next quarter or for years to come.

Our work uncovers your strengths and weaknesses and reveals hidden threats and opportunities. We assess your website, the competition, and current digital marketing channels including search marketing, digital advertising, social media and email marketing.

We identify which channels are mature, well managed, and fully utilized, and which channels are not yet fully developed. We then help you plan a program that will optimize your online presence and digital marketing activity.

“War is ninety percent information.”

– Napoleon