Beacon Digital Group - Digital Budgeting

“One agency is quoting me three times what the next provider is for my website.  What’s the correct amount to spend for our company in the various areas of our digital presence?”

These are some of the top questions that we are asked on a daily basis regarding digital budgeting. The answer is the right amounts to spend for your website, search, social media, email marketing and digital advertising differ based upon your stage of growth, the skill-set of your in-house team, and your desired revenue goals.

Companies often pay more than is optimal to achieve the next level of growth, at the same time, they can under-invest and become mired in slow growth, miss out on outpacing the competition, and be denied market leadership.

We use analytics and assess your overall growth goals and your current spending levels in helping you determine what is the right amount to spend on each area of your digital presence for the year to come. This approach ensures that you spend optimally and that your organization shifts budgets to the areas of highest productivity.

“Enough is better than too much.”

– French Proverb