Beacon Digital Group - eCommerce

The web is becoming more transactional every day. Brands and retailers are continually fighting to stay relevant to consumers in the transactional web space.

Online retail industry giants like Amazon & eBay can be formidable competition or effective partners depending upon how you work with or against them. The bottom line is that in today’s digital environment website visitors expect to transact. Your website functioning as an online brochure pointing outward is no longer an effective approach to your web presence.

We take a platform agnostic approach to pairing your business with the most suitable eCommerce platform for your stage of growth and integration needs. Then we help you navigate the many moving parts that need to be tied together to make your eCommerce website convert at an above industry standard rate.

Although we are platform agnostic, and we work with whatever the right tool is for the job, we are a proud Shopify Partner and we recommend the Shopify platform for most eCommerce applications. Shopify is simply the most affordable, well supported, and highly integrated eCommerce platform today.

After your eCommerce website has been established and is running smoothly, we help you to further optimize your site and keep it fresh in order to manifest consumer loyalty and increase conversions. Small improvements in your conversion rate become big improvements in revenue growth.

“Never let your Ads write checks that your website can’t cash.”

– Avinash Kaushik