Beacon Digital Group - Digital Strategy

At Beacon, digital strategy is the cornerstone of our integrated digital marketing offering. As Harvard business professor Michael Porter puts it, “strategy is as much choosing what not to do, as it is choosing what to do.” We take pride in guiding our clients away from the common mistakes and pitfalls in building and managing their digital presence.

We help our clients avoid inactivity in some digital channels and optimize activity in other channels. We steer clear of vendor lock and underproductive supplier relationships.

We take a data founded approach that allows us to create projections backed by your real data to proactively plan, exceed past performance and capture seasonal opportunities. We plan at least a quarter to a year in advance and establish structured, yet flexible calendars, to ensure timely execution, progress, and growth.

Our approach to digital strategy also includes ongoing support, measurement, and coaching to meet our mutually agreed upon revenue and lead generation goals.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

– Michael Porter