Beacon Digital Group - Search Advertising

An efficient and effective approach to search advertising and Google Product Listing Ads rounds out our work in search engine marketing. Our goal with each of our clients is dominating the “real estate” on the first page of Google. When your company is able to establish the dominant visibility via organic and paid coverage on the first page of Google you become the defacto authority for that search.

Paid search is about establishing an efficient relationship between the volume of search, the cost of placement and ultimately the conversion of the traffic.

We are certified in Google Adwords management and have years of experience informed by a number of clients from differing industries with differing service and product offerings. This cumulative knowledge informs each of our campaigns.

“The Google SERPs are like the 10 seats in the front row of a hot concert. If you can get some strong friends to help you fill up the front row and keep the bum rushers and hecklers away – you’ll enjoy a perfect view with no hassles or interruptions.”

– Brett Borders