Beacon Digital Group - Search Optimization

At Beacon we advocate that the foundation of your digital marketing array must be search optimization. We see that across all industries, product, and service offerings, search marketing is effective and lucrative at each level of brand engagement; from discovery, to lead nurturing, to the final transaction stage.

Our approach to search marketing is that search engine optimization must permeate your entire web presence. Mastering search is extremely powerful because companies that gain top placement for their respective product and service offerings are able to capture the lions share of consumers actively searching for their goods and services with strong degrees of intent.

Having an optimal search presence is like being at the right place at the right time, all of the time.

Our search marketing programs start with intensive keyword research, employ technical best practices, and end with search-informed content marketing. Your ability to fully utilize Google highly impacts your success online. National search, local search, image search and YouTube search results are all factors in your organization’s success.

“93% of all web interactions start with a search engine, and of those, over 80% start with Google.”

– Forrester Research